12 July 2013


These are some of the props I designed for the film World War Z. Sadly for me some of the scenes with my props in were cut during the edit - the map was in a scene on the Argus ship, where the characters decide where to direct the airplane - maybe it will turn up in the deleted scenes on the DVD! As the map was on a ship, I designed it as a map of the seas, with ocean currents, depths and wind patterns. The Russian Airline logo 'Azov-Air' also got the chop, but you can see the Safety Card and Duty Free magazine on board the passenger plane, and the W.H.O logo, ID cards and many Vials of bacteria at the Laboratory. Watch out for zombies... 

All artwork copyright: Plan B Entertainment, GK Films, Skydance Productions, Apparatus Productions, Hemisphere Media Capital, Paramount Pictures.

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