26 March 2017


My main role on Fantastic Beasts, was to design the signage for the enormous 1920s New York street sets we built in Watford. This is a small selection of more than 400 different shop fascias, painted window graphics, hanging signs, 3D letters, illuminated signs and ghost graphics I designed during my time on the film. In addition I also created a huge number of ads, displays and signs within each of the windows, alongside posters in the streets and more. We re-used the sets on different occasions to look like different streets in New York so we needed a lot of signage. Foe example, in the photos above you can see the same building dressed as different streets - the Watchsmith became the Draper. I can't imagine ever getting the chance to undertake a signage project on this scale again. I'm so lucky to have been involved in such a fun and rewarding project with such a great team. Out on DVD now.

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