28 September 2014


Photo from the theme park via Dave Parfitt.
Window graphics for the 'Fountain of Fair Fortune' pub in Diagon Alley.
Window graphics.
Door graphics.

'Obscurus Books' hanging sign.

Barber's hanging sign.

The expansion of the Harry Potter Theme Park at Universal Studios in Orlando, and a brand new park in Japan opened their doors this summer. I’ve not visited the parks myself but from photos I’ve seen they look absolutely phenomenal - like you’re actually stepping into the wizarding world! I started working with Set Decorator Rosie Goodwin creating style guides for dressing the sets, and moved on to the signage for the Wizarding World with Minalima Design. Much of the amazing graphic signage for the shops and establishments was designed by Miraphora Mina and Eduardo Lima during the ten years they worked together on the Harry Potter films, after which they formed Minalima. The parks see establishments from the films and books alongside a number of new shops and signs, and I was lucky to be able to work on some of these. These are a couple of the hanging signs I designed for the park in Orlando, and a window graphic for the pub where you can treat yourself to a ‘Butter Beer’. Such a fun job!

Images copyright Universal Studios.

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